Herb Smith

Herb Smith is a master of many worlds.  As a young trumpet student at the Eastman School of Music, Herb chose the difficult path of pursuing both the structured classical track as well as the improvisational jazz track.  The result is a professional that feels as comfortable in his philharmonic orchestra as he is in his jazz quartet.  

“Thirty minutes ago I was onstage playing Mahler. Now I’m onstage playing reggae.”    -Herb Smith


Herb is currently third trumpet in the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, an instructor for the Community Education Division of the Eastman School of Music, a composer of film scores, and a master class instructor for Arts Organizations around New York state.  Herb is the recipient of the RCTV Black Achievement in Music Award, which honored Herb's dedication to his craft and his students.


In a session with Herb Smith, MasterMind Lounge users can learn about topics ranging from trumpet instruction at all levels, composition, arrangement, navigating the world of higher music education, improvisational jazz, finding your musical style, traditional instruments (such as the didgeridoo), recording, and much more.


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 “My students have gone into college programs and beat out the students that have been in the program for 3 or 4 years. That should count for something.” -Herb Smith


Herb’s students have gone on to college programs with a distinct advantage.  However, Herb’s mission now is to stay with those students, continuing to develop the skills he has spent a lifetime cultivating.