Eric Larin
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Music Producer and So Much More

Eric Larin

Eric Larin graduated from NYU with a degree in the Business of Music.  He is a music producer, songwriter, composer, engineer, session musician & live performer with many years of professional experience.  He also has developed curriculum for music composition and digital audio software production courses at a recording school in Los Angeles, using the most sophisticated current tools and software in the industry.

Eric has 27 years playing piano/keys/synthesizers, 18 years playing guitar, 15 years singing, and 15 years of experience with digital audio workstations and composition/music production software.  He has played in several groups and performs as a solo musician, under the moniker “eyelove”.

He is available to mentor in software use for recording, music composition, software music production, theory training, as well as the following specifics.

  • Ableton Live
  • Logic Pro X
  • Sound Design
  • Synthesis
  • Music Composition
  • Beat Making
  • Songwriting
  • Music Production
  • Music Theory
  • Controllerism
  • Third Party Plugins
  • Ear Training
  • Live Performance
  • Live Visual Performance/VJ