The Concept

Mastermind Lounge is one man’s vision to connect people globally. To break down all types of barriers. Like between those with knowledge, and those who want that knowledge. Or wanting to meet a sports idol, or tap into a business guru. To give access to people who may want to learn from the best, and those who are the best to teach and share their gifts

The Service

Mastermind Lounge is global video platform, integrated with an open calendar system. This system allows consumers to find, for example, a teacher for guitar lessons. Or a mentor in sports, business, law; OR, schedule a meet and greet with a celebrity – with no monthly commitments. And our list continues to grow!

Why use Mastermind Lounge?

For the “Professional, Teacher, Mentor or Mastermind!”

  • Keep more of your money. Although we have an already low fee, we are currently reducing our fee to 0% indefinitely to use our service (credit card and bank transfer fees still apply). 
  • Residual revenue: ML has built a program that allows continuing income for all our Masterminds. Do something once, get paid again and again.
  • Access: You gain access to a global community in order to build your business.
  • No investment! You don’t have to "buy in" to our platform, now or ever!

For the “Learner, Student, Mentee or Fan!”

  • Easy to use! Search our entire platform for whatever you want; you’ll find it in our Mastermind list!
  • Access & Choices: Try and find anywhere else where you can gain access to so many different people!
  • Safety: Your safety is our concern. All of our meetings occur online only, so you’re never going to an unknown location and can meet with anyone in the world from the safety and comfort of your home, office or remote location. And your information is protected, too!

Mastermind Lounge ™

Mastermind Lounge ™